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Pouch blockprint blush

Just so you know: Description: ➳ This pouch in blush floral print can be used to store your make-up, jewellery and other little treasures. It's also perfect for keeping your purse organised Details: ➳ Premium YKK zipper closure ➳ Lightweight materials; perfect for traveling Dimensions & Weight: ➳ Pouch dimensions: 20 x 15 x 2 cm ➳ Pouch weight: 30 grams Material: ➳ Made from 100% Indian cotton ➳ Flower garment blockprinted by hand using a natural pigment dye
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Half moon earring – white quartz

Just so you know: ➵ Handmade of White Quartz and 18K gold plated brass, sterling silver pin ➵ 15mm ➵ Collect your dearest gemstones
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Dried Daisy Keychain

Just so you know: ➳ The Dried daisy keychain will give your keys a cheerful vibrant upgrade. It is completely handmade of brass and a dried daisy and reminds us of when we were young, making flower crowns on those long summer days. perfect gift when someone buys a new house or for that friend who always looses their keys. ➳ Handmade of brass, dried daisy and acrylic sheet ➳ Playful design ➳ The perfect gift ➳ Afmetingen: 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm
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Sailboat rug

Just so you know: ➳ With its warm colors and playful design this rug will bring a cheerful atmosphere to your room and a smile to your face. It's made of a supersoft quality, which feels delightful under your feet. ➳ Perfect to style your nursery, but because it's antislip you can also use it as a bath mat. ➳ Handmade of tufted cotton ➳ Super soft quality ➳ Antislip ➳ Washable at 40℃ ➳ Afmetingen: 72 x 76 x 1 cm
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Daisy Bowl

Just so you know: This beautiful bowl made of captivating brass is an enchanting piece. It reminds us of when we were little girls playing at our grandmothers dressing table and marvel ourselves about all those beautiful jewellery and boxes. With this you can create your own special place to hold all your small treasures and jewellery. ➳ Handmade of brass ➳ Beautiful heavy quality ➳ You can easily polish the brass from time to time with some copper polish to keep its natural shine ➳ Afmetingen: 11 x 11 x 1.5 cm  
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Pompon daisy keychain – mustard

Just so you know: ➳ Het perfecte cadeau voor iemand die bijv. net een nieuw huis heeft gekocht óf die vriend die altijd maar zijn/haar sleutels kwijt is ➳ Handmade of iron, acrylic wool ➳ Super soft quality ➳ Afmetingen: 6.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm
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Good Luck Bracelet

Just so know: ➳ Deze mooie ‘good luck’ bracelet met een terra kwastje komt in een gerecycled glazen medicijn potje. Een extra feestje om te geven! ➳ Materiaal: recycled brass ➳ Merk: À la Collection
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Freshwater Pearl Ring S

Just so you know:
The Freshwater pearl has the meaning and properties of purifying inner-body energy. It is an amulet that can clean the negative energy inside you. This amulet can prevent you from failure.
➳ Maat: S
➳ Materiaal: gold plated brass + freshwater pearls
➳ Merk: À La Collection
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Small Stone ring lila L

Just so you know: Mooie fijne ring om bijv. te dragen in combinatie met andere ringen. ➳ Maat: L ➳ Materiaal: ring: gold plated brass, charm: glass ➳ Merk: À La Collection
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Ring with balls S

Just so you know: Mooie casual ring, leuk te combineren met een andere ring. ➳ Maat: S ➳ Materiaal: stainless steel
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